“I’m a photographer based in West Sussex in the UK. A deep concern about the climate crisis informs much of my work. My practice is based on using photography to generate responses to the crisis. I see myself as an activist, following in the tradition of photographers who have used their work to campaign for justice.

I hold an MA in Photography from Falmouth University and am an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS). My work has appeared on a number of commercial websites and in print. I frequently cover environmental events and protests.

The picture above shows me at Swanscombe Marshes in Kent. This former industrial site, is home to an extraordinary variety of wildlife, mainly birds and invertebrates. The site is under threat from the proposed London Resort theme park that would tear the heart out of this rewilded area. At the very least, sign the Buglife petition against this horrible and damaging development.

We are in a crisis and it’s time to choose life over profit”.