Author: Chris Jerrey

Ancient Yew Tree

Kingley Vale, West Sussex

This ancient yew is part of a grove in which some of the trees are two thousand years old. Many ancient yews were cut down in the fifteenth century to make longbows. Somehow, those in Kingley Vale survived to become some of the oldest living things in the UK.


As planned, I spent Monday and Tuesday mornings with the XR rebels disrupting tanker arrivals at Horse Hill in Surrey. Pictures were duly edited and sent off to the media team for onward distribution to media organisations.

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XR Action Horse Hill, June 2020

Horse Hill in Surrey could be one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the UK. Oil and gas mean more carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere and more disruption to the climate.

To draw attention to this reckless new development, Extinction Rebellion visited the site in the early hours of Monday 1st June 2020. Two women locked themselves together at the entrance preventing vehicles entering or leaving. Two men entered the compound and occupied the roof of a building.

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Pixel Wireless Timer Remote Control TW-283

This gadget was one of those things you buy because you think it might be useful, it then turns out to not be useful and then you forget about.

The reason I decided it wasn’t useful was that I simply could not understand the instructions. There seemed to be a lot of functions, but I had no idea how to make them work. One more try, I thought and searched for a better explanation of the functionality.

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October Rebellion, Birdcage Walk

This is a scene from Birdcage Walk on the evening of Wednesday 9th October 2019.

The police have just removed a gazebo sheltering these women. They are glued together and content to be arrested. The whole process was conducted with great civility by both sides. If Colin Dexter (author of the Inspector Morse stories) were to plan a rebellion, this is how it would be.



The French town of Arles is rightly famous for the Rencontres d’Arles photography festival each summer. The town is also worth exploring. The Romans first built there and the town has continued to grow ever since.

Kingsdown, Kent

Kingsdown, Kent

Kingsdown is not a village by the beach, it is on the beach. The house above, the houses behind and the Zetland Arms pub are all built on the shingle. The sea eats away at this shingle and people who have lived here a long time say that the sea is closer to the homes then it has ever been. Kingsdown is on the frontline.