Artists Statement

My practice is based on the union of photography with a long term interest in environmentalism. I aim to address the urgency of the climate crisis and also examine the complexity and paucity of the responses to this existential threat to humanity. My work is informed by contemporary scientific and sociological research into both the physical nature of climate change and its impact on human actors. My concerns are; the relationship with science, progressive and conservative politics, social justice, environmental degradation and the role of culture.

The work is contemporary and digital in nature, bringing together digital imaging and web technologies to maximise my storytelling possibilities.

Currently, I am studying an MA in Photography at the University of Falmouth.


BA in Humanities from University of Brighton.

Long time interest in progressive politics, especially the linkages between economic injustice and environmental degradation.

District councillor for 4 years on Mid Sussex District Council.

Stood as Green Party candidate for Mid Sussex in 2017 General Election.

Long term interest in photography, especially landscape and documentary work.

Freelance photography creating imagery for business websites and promotional material.

Currently studying an MA in Photography at University of Falmouth.

Developing an emerging practice addressing the urgency of the climate crisis and the human response to an existential crisis.